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Year 5

Mrs Goodwin is our Year 5 Teacher

Guitar lessons with Paulo.

Science: Investigating which materials will dissolve.

Making planet mobiles.

Investigating the size and distance of the planets in relation to the sun.

Electrical insulator or conductor?

Dissecting Plants

Computing: Using Excel to create Mondrian prints.

Using Audacity, a sound editing program, to add effects to a sound file.

History: Sorting primary and secondary sources

Visit by Red Watch

Today we had a visit from Red Watch.  They told us all about fire safety.

Year 5  2015-2016

In Science we have been studying the Earth, Sun, Moon and other planets. We worked in groups to research a different planet and then made an information poster.

We had a visit from the firemen at Hertford Fire Station to teach us about fire safety.

In DT we had a Knex challenge to build a catapult that would launch a ball over a 30cm wall.

PE: We were lucky enough to have a visiting coach to teach us how to play 'lacrosse'.

In maths we have explored nets of cubes. We found lots of different ways to make the net.

In Art we have been printing; we used stencils, relief prints and impress printing techniques.

Art - We have been learning about colour mixing; we learnt how to mix the 3 Primary colours to make Secondary colours and then mix these to make Tertiary colours. Then we took one colour e.g. red or blue and added black to make darker shades and white to make lighter tints.

Art - We have studied the artist, 'Renoir'. We looked closely at his painting, 'Peaches and Almonds'. We studied the composition, colours and shades and were then inspired to draw our own compositions .

PSHE - In response to the national 'Anti-Bullying' week, we have been talking about people we can trust and go to for support.

English - We have written poetry. These are examples of poems that have been edited and then copied up by hand and by using the laptops.