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Week 12

In RE, we made Diva Lamps and painted them. In PE, we were learning a dance in the style of a circus act! 

Week 11

We watched England play in the World Cup. We decorated footballs, water bottles, socks and shirts in the colours of countries that participated in the World Cup. 

On Monday we looked around the art gallery which was really fun! We then made some art by Clarice Cliff. We used straws to spread the black paint to make it look like a tree. 

Year 2 have had a very busy week! We were looking at adding 3 1-digit numbers in Maths. On Tuesday, we had a guest speaker come in to tell the children about Hertford’s Hero, Alfred Bert. In Science, we started learning about life cycles. We drew our special people in PSHE and did some weaving in Art! 

Happy Halloween! We started some new topics this term. In History, we started looking at schools in the past. The children created a timeline of different schools through time. In science, we were sorting and grouping young animals with their adults. We made some repeated patterns on clay for Art. 

Last week we finished our Geography books on mapping. The children loved making these and they can’t wait for you all to see them. We carried on learning about transport in French. In Art, we were looking at shading, focusing on the light and dark parts of our ribbons. 


In Science, we were learning about reversible and irreversible reactions. We loved seeing the popcorn pop and then getting to eat it! In French, we carried on learning about transport. 

This week, we completed a short comprehension and had Year 6 come and read with us. In science, we looked at different materials to see if we could change the shape of them. In Geography, we added more to our books about mapping! 

In English, we started our new book, A New Home For a Pirate. We wrote a character description about Jed and started our story maps. In Art, we made collages out of our rubbings. We created some fantastic pictures!

On Monday we took our science learning outside. The children enjoyed searching for different materials and their uses. In Maths we were using Numicon, Base 10 and number cards to help us make numbers. We started our Geography project on maps today which we can’t wait to show you! Finally, we finished our week by taking some rubbings of Numicon, leaves and Lego in Art. 

Year 2 have had a really busy week! On Monday we had a Roald Dahl workshop. We then had a go at making giant bubbles. On Tuesday, Y6 came to read with us again. On Wednesday we had a trial Hip Hop Pop session which the children loved! On Friday, we made some repeated patterns in art!

The children have had a great first week at school. We’ve been learning how to lay out our Maths books, writing about our new book, “Silly Billy”, we had Year 6 come to read with us and we had a fun PE lesson!