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Nursery Place Applications

We are delighted to confirm that from September, we will be offering a 30 hours provision in our Nursery class.  The provision is available to children over 3 years old.  We will now have 3 intakes per year and children can start in the term after the turn 3.   


We are also offering the provision as 10 sessions a week and are making these a flexible option for parents where they can choose which sessions their child will attend based on their 15 hours/30 hours eligibility.


Additional information can be found in the document below:

If you are interested in a place for your child from September, please complete the Nursery application below and return it to the school office via email or post: admin@hertfordheath.herts.sch


Nursery Place Application Form

(Please note we still have vacancies from our September 2021 intake on some days).


Please submit your applications for a 30-hour provision code to : Apply for 30 hours code here.


Applications to our Nursery

Schools will manage their own Nursery admissions from Sept. 2017.


· We will admit children into our Nursery in the term after they turn 3 in September, January and April.


· Our Admissions criteria will be:

  1. Children Looked After.
  2. Evidenced medical or social need (from a doctor, psychologist or social worker – saying why closer schools to their home address will not meet the child’s needs.  Why our school fits their specific needs?)
  3. Siblings of a child here (in the current Reception – Year 5).
  4. Son/daughter of a member of our school staff.
  5. Closest distance, as the crow flies from your front door to our school gates (as measured by Googlemaps).



· Timetable/dates:

o Nursery applications will open in November 2021.

o Please contact the school office regarding tour dates. Additionally we would invite you to look at our virtual school tour video

We would also invite you to look at Class Pages, Bulletins etc.

o Applications will close on Friday 25/2/2022 at midday however, we do take applications after this date if we have spaces available so we do encourage you to contact our school office at any time to establish if we have any vacancies. 

o Offers will be made from the school to parents on Monday 07/03/2022

o Please confirm/decline your acceptance of our offer of a Nursery place by midday Thursday 24/03/2022.


· If you do not receive a place in our Nursery when offers are made on 07/03/2022 we will happily put you on our ‘Continuing Interest list’ and we will contact you should a place become available.

Please see the link below to our Admissions Policy.