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Anti-Bullying Week

For Anti-Bullying Week, we had lots of discussion about what makes a kind friend and how we can show respect for each other. For this lesson, we sat in a circle with two identical apples. Miss Pennington told the class that she really disliked the first apple so we took it in turns to say unkind things to it. The second apple, Miss Pennington decided was a nice apple so we took it in turns to say kind things to the apple.


We talked about how the two apples looked the same on the outside so we cut them open. We were shocked to see that the second apple was very hurt and bruised on the inside while the kind apple was happy and healthy on the inside. We realised that unkind words can have damaging and lasting affects and even though we said sorry to the apple it didn't take the bruising away. 


We then took it in turns to compliment each other and be kind - it made us very happy!