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Hertford Heath School 2021

Hertford Heath Primary School & Nursery is a one-form entry school.  We admit 26 children to our Nursery class (with 30-hour places available) and 30 children to Reception and above.  It is situated in the village and therefore has all the benefits of a village school; a nurturing atmosphere where all members of staff know all the children and their families.


Our school has close links to the village, the church, the Parish Council, Haileybury College and the local Hertford Heath community but it is also classed as a Hertford & Ware school.  Therefore it has access to all the same partnerships and opportunities as the schools in the nearby towns; Hartham swimming pool, Wodson Park, Castle Hall theatre and links with fellow professionals at the Primary and Secondary schools.  Our children are well prepared for transition at secondary school age; most pupils transferring to Presdales, Richard Hale, Simon Balle, Chauncy and Haileybury.


We have been recognised as a ‘Good school’ in our last four OFSTED inspections, the last one being in December 2022.  We have a stable, caring group of class teachers and a professional, supportive Governing Body.