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For pancake day we designed and then made our pancakes. We were looking at using verbs and writing instructions. We chopped, squeezed, and sprinkled our toppings on. We then wrote instructions on how to decorate our pancakes.

Year 2 completed a ‘Danceathon’ to raise money for Grove Cottage in Bishop’s Stortford. Grove Cottage is a a place that provides social and educational activities for people of all ages with learning disabilities and special additional needs to help them develop their potential. We danced for an hour and a half and completed 20 Just Dance’s! We have raised £275!

We have been learning about different poems in English. We practised ‘In the Land of the Flibbertigibbets’ and performed them to the class.

We had the privilege of learning how to do some martial arts! We learnt how to punch and kick a bag. We had lots of fun learning some basic skills. 

In Maths, we have been learning about money. We have learnt about the value of coins and that 100p is equal to £1. We learned how to make a given amount. We worked in partners and used coins to help us.

In Science, we have been learning about microhabitats. We looked around our school grounds to see what we could find. We looked under the mats, in trees and under the tyres. We found lots of slugs, wood lice and worms. 

In Maths, we’ve been learning about symmetry. We folded pieces of paper to see how both sides have to be equal.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner made my Mrs Dean and Mrs Beadle! 

In Maths we’ve been learning how to use a ruler to help us draw 2D shapes. We have learnt that our lines have to be straight and accurate.

In Science we conducted an experiment to see whether we could change the shape of materials. We tried to bend, squash, stretch and twist materials. 

It was lovely to have lots of our parents come in for our Christmas craft day. We made lots of different crafts and even made a really long paper chain.

KS1 performing ‘A Miracle In Town!’

We were really lucky to have a musical theatre company come in and perform The Wind in the Willows for the whole school. We got to join in with lots of singing and some of us even got to go on stage! 

Our topic in Art is drawing. We followed a lesson by Quentin Blake himself on how to draw Willy Wonka! 

To celebrate anti-bullying week, we created our own odd socks to show how we are all different.

In Science, we were learning about how germs spread. We created our own disease using glitter. We mixed the glitter along with shaving foam into our hands to represent the disease. We then spread our germs by high giving each other. We learnt that germs spread very quickly! We then washed all our germs off. We realised that you have to wash your hands really well. 

In Art, we were creating a map of how we got to school. We pick our favourite section of our map and drew it on a piece of polystyrene. We then used rollers to roll paint over our work and print it on card. 

In RE, we were learning about advent. We learnt about the 5 candles that are used to count down to Christmas. We coloured in our own candles and put them into a wreath.

In Art, we created some lovely Autumn trees. We used strips of paper and bent them to help us create our trees. 

In Maths, we have started to use rekenreks. We have been learning how to subitise. 

In Science, we have been learning about fish and their needs for survival. We learnt about their gills, tails, scales and fins. We then made our own fish using paper plates! 

In Maths, we were learning about representing numbers. We used numicon, bead strings and cubes to represent our numbers.