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At Hertford Heath school it is our intent to ensure that all pupils become fluent, reason mathematically and solve problems.


We support children to make rich connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.


We aim to develop skills and understanding to utilise Maths as a tool beyond the daily lessons and beyond the classroom.


We strive to create independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations and an interest in self-improvement. 

White Rose Maths

At Hertford Heath we follow the White Rose Maths scheme. They have a wealth of resources that parents can access to support children’s learning at home.

Maths with Michael

Maths with Michael is a series of short videos to help you understand how key mathematical concepts, from addition through to algebra, are taught in schools. Each video is also supported with a free downloadable guide.

Big Maths

We supplement the White Rose Scheme with several other resources to develop the children’s rapid recall and fluency of key concepts.


Big Maths: We begin each maths lesson working on 4 key skills to support the children in becoming numerate.


They take part in a weekly Learn Its Test and a CLIC challenge to track their progress. The Learn It test are timed and should be completed anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds the ultimate challenge should be completed in 90 seconds!


An example of the Learn Its the children learn in each year group can be found here. You can support your child by helping them to learn these facts at home.

Times Tables Rock Stars


TTRS is a fun programme that encourages children to learn multiplication facts. Effort and progress is rewarded through a weekly presentation of certificates. What’s your rock status? Could you be a Rock Hero and recall all facts in under 1 second each?



Numbots is aimed at our younger children and develops, subitising,  place value, addition and subtraction skills. Just like TTRS effort and progress is rewarded through a weekly presentation of certificates.