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Governing Body

The Role of the Governing Body

All schools have a Governing Body that is responsibile for determining, monitoring and keeping under review the policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.
The Head Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and the operation of the curriculum and reports to the Governing Body. The Governing Body is not directly involved in day-to-day management, but shapes the school via three main roles:
- to provide a strategic view of where the school is heading
- to act as a critical friend
- to hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides.

How the Governors work

The whole Governing body meets four time a year, twice in the Autumn term and once each in the Spring and Summer terms. We use these meetings to take reports from the Head Teacher and our own committees and make sure we are doing everything required of us by law, by Hertfordshire County Council, and by OFSTED.

Much of the Governors' work is done by our committees which meet once per term but work from day to day. We have committees for Resources (finance, personal and premises) and School Improvement (curriculum and monitoring).

 7th December 2021 - 8am (Zoom)Resources Committee 
 7th December 2021 - 6.30pm (Zoom)School Improvement Committee 
 14th December 2021 - 6.30pm (School)Full Governing Body 
 22nd March 2022 - 8am (Zoom)Resources Committee 
 22nd March 2022 - 6.30pm (Zoom)School Improvement Committee 
 29th March - 6.30pm (Zoom)Full Governing Body 
 12th July 2022 - 8am (Zoom)Resources Committee 
 12th July 2022 - 6.30pm (Zoom)School Improvement Committee 
 19th July 2022 - 6.30pm (School)Full Governing Body 


Hertford Heath Primary & Nursery School

Governors’ information:


Governor’s name


Appointing body

Date of Appointment

Which committee/s he/she serves on

Positions of responsibility

Relevant business interests, financial interests, other governor role at another school, relationship to staff members

Rebecca BaggaleyStaffHCC1/1/19 

School Improvement


Link governor re. CPD/trainingHead Teacher
Emma AwadCo-optedHCC School Improvement Secondary School Teacher
Sally DrydenCo-optedHCC1/12/19Resources Vicar from the village Church
Simon HeardParentHCC23/11/20Resources  Vice-chairDeputy Master, Secondary School
Kelly LordCo-optedHCC12/3/19School Improvement Key Stage 1 Leader
Emma MaidmentParentHCC Resources  
Julia Hodson HCC    
 Sarah Stanton      
Abby Simmons      

Sheila Stephens




School Improvement


Former responsibility for H&S, ex-Deputy Head

Teresa Walker






Business experience (management and organisation)

Member of the Parish Council

Helen Watson




School Improvement



Deputy Head Teacher and SENCo




Annual Governance Statement for the Governing

Body of Hertford Heath Primary and Nursery School


April 2020


In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all Governing Bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of Hertford Heath Primary and Nursery School Governing Body are:


  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educations performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


In exercising their functions, the Governing Body shall;


  1. Act with integrity, objectivity and honesty and in the best interests of the school; and
  2. Be open about the decisions they make and the actions they take and in particular shall be prepared to explain their decisions and actions to interested parties.


Our Governing Body has a code of conduct which is reviewed and agreed annually.  All governors are obliged to abide by this code.




Governance Arrangements

The Governing Body of Hertford Heath Primary and Nursery School was re-constituted in 2015 and is now made up of;


                              2 Staff governors

                              4 Parent governors

                              1 LEA governor

                              3 Co-opted governors

                          1 Associate Governor


The Clerk to the Governors is Robert Blythe

The Chair of Governors is Teresa Walker

The Vice Chair of Governors is Simon Heard


There are two committees within the governing body. 

They are;     Resources (premises, finance, personnel)

                    School Improvement (curriculum and monitoring) 


The committees meet termly and full Governing Body meetings are also held on a termly basis.


Charging and remissions policy:

Government legislation states that schools are unable to insist that parents pay for trips etc. that take place in school time. Our governing body in common with all other schools sets out a charging policy (part of our Lettings & Charging policy) to avoid the school going into debt or parents subsidising each other. The school receives no money from the education authority to fund trips and therefore this cost has to be passed on to parents. We consider that educational visits are essential in bringing learning to life and hope that you support us over this. The school makes no profit with a trip. If a parent has a financial problem then the school may be able to help and the Head teacher should be approached directly. However if parents refuse to pay then inevitably the trip may be cancelled.



The Governing Body always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents.  Contact can be made via the school office or by using the contact form below. 




Should you wish to contact our Governors, you may use the contact form below or alternatively contact them via the school office.