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Trip to the park!

A rather disgusting/interesting lesson on the digestive system!

Science - For our sound topic we made telephones using string and a paper cup. We discovered that the sound waves travel along the string as vibrations which are then amplified into the other cup for our partner to hear!

Science Week - a trip to the Science Museum and a Wonderdome in the hall!

World Book Week

Science - Electricity

Art - We finished our still life topic by creating our very own still life image in groups. We then painted the still life image using the range of painting techniques we had been practising.

Art Sketchbooks - Painting and Mixed Media (Light and Dark)

Science - States of matter - Can we weigh gas?

Times Table Rockstars!

Geography - Naples and Campania


We have designed action-packed itineraries for tourists travelling to Naples, Italy. From a day trip to Pompeii where you can climb Mount Vesuvius to visiting the National Archaeological Museum and exploring its artefacts, we've got you covered! We used our computing skills to research the best things to do in Naples and chose our favourites.

Art:  We created patterns using reflection and symmetry!

Art - Formal elements


In art we are exploring the skill of printing. Today, we practised making impressions on clay using a range of everyday objects and then we used ink to print their designs onto paper. Don't they look great!

English - Non-fiction biographies


In English, we have explored famous inventors (past and present) and created our very own inventions. We then wrote fascinating biographies based on our own fictional inventors. We focused on writing in a chronological order, including different forms of the past tense and exciting adverbials. We are now typing up our edited versions to ensure paragraphing and headings! 


Computing - Internet Safety


In computing, we have been learning the importance of keeping ourselves safe when using the internet. We have used an email simulator to see first-hand the potential impact of answering SPAM emails and the risks of installing unsafe software.

R.E. - We acted out the 10 commandments from the Holy Bible!