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Haileybury SciTech Challenge

Science - Y6 completed a science experiment to look at the effects of smoking.

Science - Circulatory System - We have learnt about William Harvey who was influential in understanding the blood flow in the circulatory system. We looked at the vital organs and their functions and participated in a range of experiments including dissecting a sheep heart and investigating the effects of smoking.

Art - Expressing ourselves

Science - Light. We have been learning about how light travels to objects so we can see them. We learnt that light travels in straight lines and that any objects can reflect light. We made periscopes and identified that the same format was used during WW2 for submarines to spy on their enemies.

Cross Curricular - World War 2 Y6 have started our new WW2 topic and we are reinforcing this learning across our English, French and History. To kickstart our learning we experienced ‘The Blitz’ where we role played having to hide in the dark and take shelter whilst hearing the sounds of bombs outside. We then played traditional war time games and listened to Winston Churchill’s radio broadcast. We learnt about the influence of media and how propaganda can impact our thinking. We even got the chance to experience the life of an evacuee and make Jam sandwiches!

English - Harry Potter Unit. This term the children are focussing on the Harry Potter book/film by J.K Rowling. They have received their Hogwarts letters and written their own versions, formed debates, described characters and settings, created wanted posters, created adverts for wands and written news reports about quidditcch!

Maths - We have been learning about fractions. The children have learnt about equivalent fractions and converting them to their simplest form. They have also learnt how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and how to multiply fractions by integers/or fractions

Science - As part of our topic of categorising species, the children created their own habitats!

Y6 had a visit from the author C.S Clifford who asked the children to reflect on their sentence structure to enhance effective use of vocabulary and word classes which will impact the reader. The children unpicked their sentences and up-levelled them with his guidance. Finally, the children had a chance to write a creative futuristic story.

Maths - This term we have been focusing on Place Value and using the four operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) to solve problems in context.

Science - We have been learning about how to group plants, animals and microorganisms. A core scientist we have been learning about is Carl Linnaeus who has been influential in the classification of animals l, plants and minerals, this was published in his 10th edition book ‘Systema Naturae‘.

RE - Y5 and Y6 had an educational Faith Tour visit at Queens Park. First, they visited a Gurdwara where Sikh’s worship and read their holy book the Guru Granth Sahib. Next the children had a chance to visit a Mosque where they met an Iman and learnt about the five pillars. Finally the children visited a Church where they visited a Vicar and were able to explore the symbolism within the Christian place of worship.

Music - This term the children have been learning about notation and how to read music. They have been learning how to create a piece of music linked to our English topic The Iron Man by creating lyrics to a song.