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Year 3

Mrs Watson is our Year 3 Teacher

Gardening - Harvesting


Year 3 were very excited to harvest the broad beans and potatoes that we germinated in our science lessons earlier this year and cared for in our gardening club.  

May the Force be with us


Following our work on pushes and pulls today we investigated magnets. We placed rod-shaped magnets under white paper and sprinkled on iron filings to see the magnetic fields. Then we predicted what the magnetic fields of different shaped magnets would look like and drew our ideas on our white boards before carrying out the experiment to see if we were correct.



Fire Safety Talk

Today, Red Watch from Hertford Fire Station came to talk to us about keeping safe. We watched some videos and answered some questions about keeping safe and what we should do in the event of a fire. 

Gardening - sowing

Celtic Harmony Visit

Year 3 visited Celtic Harmony to experience first hand how the people of the Celtic Iron Age, who lived over 2000 years ago, made food, clothes and shelter from the natural environment.
Today we learnt about the artist 'Julian Opie'. We looked at some of his pictures and discussed the style of his drawings. We went in to the playground and made our own shadow silhouettes for our partner to draw in chalk. When returned to the classroom, we tried drawing our own body outlines using chalk, soft pastel and charcoal.


Today we learnt about colour. Red, yellow and blue are the 'primary colours'; we mix them to make orange, green and purple, these are called the 'secondary colours'. Some of us went further and mixed 'tertiary colours' such as 'reddy blue' or 'yellowy green'.

Y3 Gardening

Year 3 Gardening Club have started work on our vegetable plot.  We have planted seed potatoes in bags, peas straight into the ground outside and tomatoes in pots inside. Next week we will transplant our bean plants and radish seedlings.  

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

Today, we had a special visitor to school. He is a Buddhist monk who taught us about the teachings of Buddha. We learnt how to meditate and how to clear our mind with exercise.

A visit from a Buddhist monk

Young Scientists

In Year 3 we have been learning all about flowering plants.  We have conducted all sorts of experiments to understand the functions of roots, stems and leaves, and have even managed to save some of the resulting plants for our Year 3 lunchtime gardening club.  There was no hope for the daffodils though, as everyone had great fun dissecting them to identify the reproductive parts. 

Rocks, Soils and Fossils

In Science this term we have been studying rocks, soils and fossils.  We have learned about the different types of rocks and how they are formed, and sorted them by different criteria.  Then we investigated soil samples before learning all about fossils.  This week we made our own dinosaur fossils. 

We are drawing 'Hands of Friendship'. We are working together and helping each other because that's what friends do.

We are measuring in centimetres.

A visit from a Buddhist monk

Our Christmas Craft Day

We have new books in our class. Here we are sharing them on the carpet before they go in our book corner.

We all made a poppy for our school Remembrance Day Display.

We are playing instruments to accompany our song, 'The Amazing Egyptians'. We are really enjoying singing together and concentrating very hard on our rhythm and beat while playing these percussion instruments.

In maths we are learning that fractions are parts of a whole. Here we have been folding strips of paper into different fractions.

We have made an alphabet of verbs. Verbs are action words. Here are some of our actions. Can you guess which verb we are demonstrating?

In History we are studying the Ancient Egyptians. We have been looking at the ritual of mummification and decided to make some of our class into mummies.

Look below to see what we did last year in Year 3.

In science we made human skeletons out of dog biscuits.

In computing we programmed a car to draw shapes. We then used the program on our laptops and created many different shapes.

Celtic Harmony History Trip