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Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs Christine Smith is our After School and Breakfast Club Leader and runs both clubs with the support of several other team members.  All children are given a choice of cereals, toast, fruit etc for breakfast and a 'tea' and drink at After School Club. This may include food or snacks from different cultures - drinks are available throughout the sessions.  It is the parent's responsibility to inform the staff of any allergies to food their children may have.


Breakfast Club runs from 7.45am and after breakfast there are a variety of activities the children can partake in before they leave the club  at 8.50am for morning registration.   The children are then taken to their classrooms by a member of staff.  The cost per session is £6.00.


At After School Club, the children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of supervised activities which may include indoor and outdoor games, art and craft etc.  A quiet area is provided for resting or homework.


If you would like to make or change a booking, please use the School Gateway app.  If you are unable to make a booking, please contact the School Office who will be able to help you.  Spaces are limited so if you are unable to book onto a particular day, it is likely that the club is full for that day.


If you need to get in touch with the Breakfast Club or After School Club urgently whilst the club is running,  Mrs Smith can be contacted by ringing her on 07510 690384.


Emails with queries can be sent to or




3.15-4.30pm       £6.00

3.15-5.30pm       £9.00



Please note if your child is booked in, unless they are away sick from school, the place must still be paid for. The exception to this is a child attending one of our after school clubs ie multisports or yoga.  If they rejoin after school club, they will only pay for the hour they are in after school club.


Please note that we are an Ofsted registered Childcare facility and can accept Childcare vouchers if your employer is part of a scheme.  Please contact the school office on 01992 583622 for further details if you would like to pay by vouchers.


For your convenience, we can offer you the option of paying for After School and Breakfast Club through Schoolcomms.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: To secure your child's place payment must be made in full at the time of booking - via School Gateway. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.