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Show and Tell Days (2016/17)

Helpful Information for Year 1

100 High Frequency Words for Year 1

One Potato, Two Potato ...

In Science, we have been learning about plants. We have been kindly given some potato plants to look after and we spent our Science lesson on Tuesday planting them. It was very hard work!

Money, Money, Money!

Exploring Capacity

We have been investigating capacity in Year 1. We wanted to find out how much liquid different containers could hold. We made predictions before testing out our ideas. 


In History, we are learning about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. We have looked at the timeline of  some of the most famous monarchs. We filled crowns with everything we know about Kings and Queens so, at the end of the topic, we can go back and see how much we have learnt! 

We were given some Elizabethan Tales and were asked to come up with some drama to tell the tale; we learnt that Queen Elizabeth I loved to wear wigs!

The Material Tree

Wonderful Weaving

In Art, we have been learning to weave. We started by weaving paper because it is easier to manipulate. We then used card to make our final pieces. By the end of the unit, we were so good at weaving that we made Easter baskets for our egg hunt!

Reverend Sharp's Visit to Year 1

In RE, we have been learning about belonging to different groups and making people feel welcome. We talked about welcoming new people into the world with Christenings and then Year 1 welcomed Reverend Sharp into our class to talk about Christianity. We had written lots of fantastic questions for Reverend Sharp and he told us the answers as well as teaching us some very funny songs. 

Lost and Found

We have been using Talk for Writing in some of our English lessons because it helps us to really understand the story and we can write our own fantastic versions. Each group took some time every morning to collage our fantastic penguin, Waddle, and we think he looks lovely in the corner of our classroom (watching us do all our work). We have written story boards, lost posters and planned and written our own versions of the story!

Our New Year's Resolutions

Our first day back at school after Christmas was very busy and we spent lots of time talking about all the fantastic things we got up to over the holidays. We started to talk about New Year's Resolutions and what they mean; we decided on something that we would try really hard at this year, and made it our resolution. Miss Jancey, Mrs Kell and Mrs Morris were very pleased because we all cut out our own stars, mounted them onto card and then cut those out too! 

Doesn't the class display (which everyone helped to make) look fantastic!

Using Algorithms to Control Beebots

Trip to Hertford Museum - 10th November 2016

Remember, remember, the 5th of November

On Friday the 4th November, we had a special history lesson and learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Fireworks Night on the 5th November. 

We used brightly coloured paint, art straws, glitter and tissue paper to make some Fantastic Fireworks pictures. They certainly make our classroom very colourful! 

Amazing Art!

We have been learning about shading and tinting in Art. Shading is adding black to a colour to make it darker and tinting is adding white to a colour to make it lighter. We have been experimenting with shades and tints of blue to draw water and the sea. Some of them look like very stormy seas!

Learning with Laptops

We have been learning how to carry and use the laptops safely and carefully. We practised carrying the laptops to our tables before learning how to log on to our accounts with our very own usernames! Once logged on, we used RM Colour Magic to practise our mouse control and make some really exciting pictures. We all worked really well today and had a very fun lesson!

Fun in Maths!

We like to use lots of practical activities in our Maths lessons to make them more exciting and memorable. We often use different objects to count with such as dinosaurs, glass beads, bears or cubes. When we are completing the practical activities, we can use our mathematical language and develop our understanding through talk. 

Year 1: 2015-16


Below you will find lots of pictures and information about the previous Year 1 class. This will show you some of the fun things we will be doing in Year 1!

Learning to use Laptops

We have been learning how to carry laptops safely and how to log on using  our personal log on names.

Exploring Shadows

We have been learning about the Sun. We understand how shadows are made. We worked in partners to make puppets and create a puppet show by blocking the light. 

Fun and learning in Year 1