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Music - We had a visit from an African Drumming company and learnt how to play the Ghanaian drums!

English - In our topic this term we are focusing on the book 'A World of Food by Carl Warner' . We have built our own worlds of food and used a range of prepositions and adjectives for descriptive writing. Further to this, we have focused on poetry features such as rhyming couplets to create our own food poems.

In our science topic this term we have been learning about light. We have experimented how we see object by identifying the light source and how light travels for us to see things. We have also conducted tests to see which materials reflect light.

In History we have been learning about the Iron Age and about the Celts. Y3 visited Celtic Harmony Camp where we trained to be warriors! To begin our day, we weaved headbands made out of rush as part of our battle headdress. Next we painted our faces using traditional warrior paint made out of urine! The symbols we painted represented Celtic gods as well as our tribe (wolf or bear tribe). Next, we learnt some formations for battle including how to hold a shield and weapon. After lunch, we took part in a woodland walk where we solved riddles and we finally ended the day improving our aim with a spot of archery. We are sure those pesky Romans won’t be able to defeat us!


The British Science Week theme this year is ‘Connections’. To kick start the fun, Y3 and Y4 visited the Science Museum. We had a chance to explore how science links to maths, computing and engineering and learn about some significant scientists. All classes also had a visit from Wonderdome where they were transported to space! We ended the week creating a poster for the science competition.

World Book Week - Y3 were paid a visit by Camilla Chester, an author who wrote various books including ‘Jarred Dreams’ and ‘Call Me Lion’. Camilla told us that story writing is all about being inspired by things in our lives and how we can use our imagination to help others picture our thoughts and feelings. Camilla explained that writing is a journey and it takes a long time to reach our final masterpiece. She said that her main goal as an author is to write stories which include lots of different representations as she wanted everyone to feel included and be able to empathise with the diverse characters in her books. We also ended the week with a dress up day and voluntary parent readers!

History - This term, we have been learning about the Romans. We learnt about how they invaded different countries and looked at their uniforms. We ended the topic by learning some battlefield orders in Latin and placing ourselves into a ‘wedge’ formation and a 'testudo' formation. We were definitely ready for battle!

Geography - This term, the children had been learning about volcanoes and earthquakes. They looked at the different layers of the Earth and how volcanoes form and erupt. They also identified the pros and cons of living next to a volcano. Our final session was to investigate the school grounds to find rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) .

Science - Forces - This term the children have been learning about different forces such as gravity, friction, buoyancy, magnetism and air resistance We worked scientifically and became scientists by conducting our own experiments, thinking about the Aim, Method, Variables and Results each time. Here are a few of our experiments in practice!

Art and Craft - Year 3 practised their needlework skills by learning a mixture of sewing techniques including running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch. They then designed what their Christmas stocking would look like and used tie dye to add colour to cotton fabric. After the dye had dried, they then sewed their two pieces of cotton together to form a Christmas Stocking. Once completed, they embellished their stocking further by adding more decorative pieces.

History - Remembrance Day Workshop. To commemorate Armistice day, Years 1 – 6 participated in the Hertford Museum Hero Workshop where they experienced what life would have been like living in Hertford during World War I. We also took a 2 minute silence to show respect.

Science - Fossils. This term, the children have been learning about how rocks and fossils are formed. They explored different types of rocks and organised them into igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. The children also looked at the process of fossilisation and they even made their own fossils!

DT - Pneumatic Toys. The children looked at the mechanics of a pneumatic toy and explored how blowing air into a bag would make it expand and open objects such as a book. They then designed their toy and made the mechanics behind it using a balloon and a tube to blow air through. Finally they designed their toys into monsters