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Wednesday Sensory Play

Welcome to Wednesday's Chill Club!


Every Wednesday we will be exploring an activity in which we use our senses.



Today we are making a ‘calming bottle’ 

This also works well with just water if you do not have liquid soap.  (The addition of soap or bubble bath suspends the glitter in the water for longer)


Fill the plastic container half full of water. Add the  glitter and any sequins if you have them. You can also add a few drops of food colouring if you have some

Add a few squirts of liquid soap or bubble bath if using . Add more water until you have filled the bottle.  

Screw lid on tightly. If you have some craft glue you can add this to the screw lid  so it is secure and wait for it to completely dry.  (if you don’t have glue, ask an adult to screw the lid on tightly and then don’t undo it!!). You could also use tape around the lid for extra security.


Give the bottle a gentle shake, then relax while you watch the glitter swirl and fall. When all the glitter has reached the bottom of the bottle, give it a gentle shake and watch it all over again! You can also use this calming bottle any time you are feeling a little worried,   angry or sad ,or even if you just want to relax, and be soothed by its calming effect.


Click on the link below for some ideas.