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Summer Week 5

Maths: Multiplication. Your child may have practised this with the 2, 5 or 10 x table but now they can practise making groups of different numbers. It's so important the children use practical resources to understand this before moving onto drawing etc . You could use anything- skittles, stones, cubes, whatever you have! Start by explaining what the 'x' sign means (lots of/ groups of) and then write a question down reading it aloud as you go e.g.  3 groups of 4 equals (3x4=) they can then work it out and fill in the answer. 


English: I have allocated the story 'Man on the Moon' on the Activlearn website. Another adventure story, this time, following Bob the astronaut. Read through the story together, making predictions, talking about the pictures etc. Then you can do anything you like! Maybe they would like to write a postcard from the moon, describe an alien with similes and great adjectives, role play visiting the moon and talking about what you feel, see, smell etc, writing your own moon story, write a list of things you would take to the moon with you, a job application to become an astronaut and of course there are lots of arts and crafts you could do on top of this.  Ask your child if they have any ideas for writing. Remember, the key ingredients are: finger spaces, writing on the line, letters facing the right way, capital letters, full stops, and using sounds to sound out their words - it doesn't matter what they write as long as they have these!