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Summer Week 4


Measuring with standard (cm/mm) and non-standard (random objects) measurements: 

I understand a lot of you wont have rulers at home (I'm a teacher and I certainly don't!) so don't worry. Children can measure with absolutely anything e.g. paperclips, pencils, stones etc. Look at the sheets provided and get an idea of what you would like to do. If you do have a ruler, that's great! Your child can run around the house measuring things in cm or mm and recording it. Perhaps draw lines and they measure those. You could collect a range of measuring resources and talk about how a longer object is better to measure bigger items with than a small object e.g. paper clip and visa versa.  You could pre-measure a collection of items and challenge them to find the item in the group that is 8 pebbles long etc. Maybe they could go on a hunt to find hidden objects around the house and find/record their measurements. It's difficult to provide ideas/resources for this one as I don't know what you all have at home, but have fun and let them be creative!