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Summer Week 3

English: After reading all about Dougal's deep sea adventure, I thought it would be a good idea to do a non-fiction topic on whales this week. I have created a powerpoint to help teach this, please use the notes section underneath each slide to help you ask questions and give further information. There are lots of videos attached to this powerpoint narrated by Sir David Attenborough, so they may need to be paused and explained every now and then. 


Afterwards, children can do whatever they like with this information! They can record their own research, create posters, make information booklets, draw and label a whale, write a story, write an informative paragraph, etc. Remember, children need to be doing their best to use finger spaces, capital letters, writing on the line, full stops and their sounds to sound out the words. Send me pictures of their work for Dojo's! Have fun :) 


Maths: I thought lock down would be a great opportunity to learn how to tell the time. In year 1 children learn how to tell the time to o'clock and half past. Children generally find telling the time very tricky so be patient and keep practising! You can add certain times to a timetable e.g. lunchtime 12 o'clock and get the children to recognise these times throughout the day. Some of the sheets are marked higher middle and lower ability, start with lower and work your way up as and when they are getting the hang of it. Some may only manage to tell the time to o'clock and find that really difficult, this is completely normal, just keep working on it - time is HARD! 


I will attach some worksheets to support this - good luck! I will also add some new worksheets to the maths section on the class page as I know some of you have got through these already. 


Keep safe and stay sane - you're all doing a fantastic job. 


Miss Pennington