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Outdoor Learning

Water play in the sunshine! The children enjoyed putting this channel together with a little help! Lots of role play with boats floating and sinking!

We enjoyed lots of climbing today!

Making potions at the mud kitchen with herbs and paint!

Having lots of fun with the parachute!

Rain, rain, go away! It’s very wet outside but any excuse to jump in puddles! The children are enjoying time outside seeing how deep the puddles are!

Making ‘silly soup’ in the mud kitchen. The boys told the adult the ingredients they were using. The adult suggested recording the ingredients so their friends can also make it. Another writing opportunity!

Outdoor theatre! The children created a space with the material and called it a theatre. Lots of children wanted to visit the theatre. We suggested that the children give out tickets - creating a writing opportunity! We gave the children post it notes to write on.

We love to be outside!