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Our home learning photos and activities

Skeletons and bones

Life Cycles

Albert has made the model of Stonehenge

Robert has used a variety of conjunctions to add detail to his sentences

Henry has written some lovely sentences and circled the different word types.

Jack and Albert have created a model house

A Poem by Josie


Skating round a lake

I’m gliding, I’m gliding across the frozen lake.
I’m sliding, I’m sliding on the frozen lake.
I’m slipping, I’m sliding trying my best to skate! Skating round a lake

Robert has made a PowerPoint Quiz on The Avengers

Rosie had her birthday during lock-down

Niamh has designed a medal and made some bunting to commemorate VE Day

Eloise and Robert have been designing medals to commemorate VE Day

Henry and Emily have been joining in a Scavenger Hunt

Charlie's writing

Emily's poetry

Josie has been busy drawing and writing some interesting vocabulary to describe the characters in Fantastic Mr Fox

Eloise has been writing about Medusa from the myth of Perseus and the Gorgons

Mrs Bartlett has been enjoying gardening and completing puzzles

Niamh has been tidying her den and painting

Mrs Watson's gardening

Robert's butterfly cakes