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Indoor Learning

We have been learning about mini beasts. We read the story of The Very Busy Spider and enjoyed lots of activities. We also have caterpillars in our class. We are looking forward to watching them change into butterflies. 🦋

We have been reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have been learning about healthy food and looked at what the caterpillar had eaten. The children chose some fruits and we made a healthy fruit salad. The all had a try and most wanted more!!

Our cress did grow but not quite enough for all of us so we had to buy some from the shop. However, our children enjoyed buttering the bread independently and trying some cress. Most of the children thought it was very nice!

This week we have been learning about the life cycle of plants. We have planted sunflower seeds, runner beans and we have laid out cress on cotton wool. We look forward to watching them germinate and grow. We are hoping to have yummy cress sandwiches next week!

We are budding artists! We have been reading the story of Monkey Puzzle and learning about rain forests. We painted some animals that live in the forests.

World Book Day - We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children looked amazing in their costumes and enjoyed talking about their favourite book characters. We read lots of our favourite stories through out the day.

As part of our Knights and Castles topic, we made cakes and sandwiches for our mini Medieval Banquet. We wrote invitations and practised some medieval dancing!

We have been learning about knights and castles. We read the story Zog and The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight. The children have been busy building lots of castles. The children have noticed the turrets and drawbridges that some castles have. Next week we will find out more about them and the people who lived in them. In the story of Zog, the princess has a cone shaped hat and the children have been making them. Some children have been using their cutting skills to make knight helmets and swords. They have been very busy! Here are some photos of their day.

Our children love our chickens. We have had them since they hatched in our Early Years Department. We enjoyed some lovely scrambled eggs made from eggs from our chickens!

Run, run, as fast as you can! Our Gingerbread man didn’t escape and was very yummy! We listed the ingredients needed and our teacher bought them. Mrs Baggeley smelt the gingerbread and came into class to see them!

Making Soup - We made vegetable soup, peeling and cutting independently and safely.

We enjoyed reading the book Supertato and planned many fun activities around this.

Role play - our children enjoy engaging in role play and using their imaginations.

Making play dough - we have a play dough station where children can measure out ingredients to make play dough independently. It can get messy!

Ball skills in PE

We are always learning!