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Text: 'The Legend of Spud Murphy' by Eoin Colfer


Day 1: Read Chapter 5 or watch the You-tube clip. 

Discuss the ending. Was it what you expected? How has your opinion of Mrs Murphy changed?

Using speech bubbles; write what the other characters say about Mrs Murphy.

Day 2: Recap the story. Discuss your feelings about the story, using evidence from the story to back up your opinions.

Day 3: Look at several blurbs on different books. Work through the PowerPoint slides on blurbs. Write a success criteria for writing blurbs that includes all the features we should see when writing or reading a blurb.

Day 4: Write your own blurb. Remembering to refer back to the features found yesterday.

Day 5: Make your own book cover for 'The Legend of Spud Murphy'. Remember to include the title, author, illustrator and your edited blurb.