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Archived Gallery 2016 - 2017

Simon Balle Leaders

Simon Balle young leaders came in to work with our children, everyone had a good time.

Table Tennis

Hertford Heath Mascot

Hertford Heath School would like to introduce to you Hugo (The Hertford Heath Hound), his name was choosen by Grace in Year 6.

The Ambassadors showing year 4 how to speed stack

KS1 Gymnastic Club

Cycling Proficiency

Some year 5 and 6 children had the opportunity to work for their cycling proficiency.

Change4Life Club

The Change4Life Club is run during lunch time with Mrs Barlett, children have fun playing games such as table tennis, netball, ball games. They also have competitions between each other, fun is had by everyone.

Sport Relief

The children enjoyed taking part in different activities.

Year 4 Sports Hall Festival

Congratulations to Ben for winning Gold in the speed bounce.

PE Conference

Mrs King won a signed England Cricket shirt from Hertford Cricket club along with some playground markings.

Healthy Eating

Year 5 were able to work with Josh from Stevenage Footbal club on Healthy Eating.

Stevenage Football Club

 We were fortunate to have Stevenage Football Club come into school and work with the children. They took lunch time and after school football clubs, PE with year 4, and literacy and maths with years 3, 4 and 5. The reception class were also able to work on their ball skills.