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100 Word Challenge 22.11.20  

We have part of a sentence this week. Please remember to use it EXACTLY as it is written here

…he felt really ill…

Things to think about:

  • Had he done something to make him ill?
  • What might be the consequences?
  • Will his illness be a problem for others?


 Josie Jollyman Jimmy was walking down the street with his mum suddenly he found a packet of lemon bonbons.  Jimmy snuck the packet into his pocket before his mum stared at him.  When he got home he quickly ate one of the lemon bonbons then another and another. Soon after he felt really ill, his face as cold as an iceberg and as pale as a vampire his eyes started to close and suddenly he fainted. He woke up in a bed as soft as a blanket his mum standing over the bed he noticed he was in A & E.

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 Finley Gilmartin One sunny afternoon, Finley was eating his lunch and a little bit of food went down the wrong way.  Finley coughed and choked, he was struggling to breathe. One of his friends smacked him hard on the back, the food came whizzing out his mouth and rolled across the table.   Finley gasped for breath and when he got his breath back he told the teacher that he felt really ill.   The teacher took his temperature and it was normal.  Finley’s friend thought he would die, but Finley started to feel better and said he would eat slower next time. 

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On a bright summer's school day, a boy named Peter was walking through a beautiful wood, where dappled light was reflecting off branches and where spooked creatures darted into the shadows, and as he entered a picturesque copse, realised that he was late...

Suddenly, he felt really ill. As he crumpled to the ground in a heap, one of those creatures,  a red squirrel, came furtively to inspect the apparent rag doll that was Peter.  After a while lying in a crumpled state, the squirrel finally gave him a drink of water and in a flash, Peter was revitalised running and sprinting once more.

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 Emily Head 

As baby fox came down the stairs in the burrow, Mr fox said that he felt really ill because he ate to many chickens from the grumpy farmer at the nearby farm.  Weakly, pale Mr fox reached for his mug of chicken tea. ''I'm not having chicken for a week,'' he groaned unhappily.

''Vegetables for tea tonight,'' sighed Mrs fox 

''Mum please, not vegetables,'' moaned baby fox ''They're so soggy and wet.''

''I didn't mean you silly,'' Mrs fox looked at her fat, grunting husband sternly. '' You can have lots of chips my darling''

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Rosie Pateman 

There once was a little precious dog who lived in the King and Queens palace. They had four servants. One day the dog decided to try to sneak inside the palace, but that bit was tricky and he did not want to get caught out.

One morning he felt very ill so he thought what about I stay in bed for the whole entire day until I get better. So he did what his brain was thinking and just did it. The Queen was crying because she thought he wouldn't get better, suddenly at night, she had a nightmare. A few days after he felt better again. 

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Charlie Vincent 

Henry is a teenager he is on holiday with his friend Charlie. They saw a funfair on the beach near their hotel.

“Let’s go to the funfair.” Said Henry to Charlie

The next morning they went to the funfair. They buy some chocolate and milkshake each.

“Shall we go on the log flume?” Charlie asked Henry

Afterwards, Henry didn’t feel good he felt really ill. Charlie and Henry had to go home and Henry had to stay in bed for the rest of the day.

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Albert was in school and it was nearly lunchtime, today was Albert’s favourite meal  .......chicken curry and rice. Albert rushed straight out of class into the hall and was first in the line. He grabbed his food and ran into class. He scoffed down his food but a few minutes later he felt really ill. Albert was so ill he had to go to the hospital. The doctor said “Your food has been out of date for.........THREE YEARS!” “Wow,” thought Albert “Why would the dinner lady do this to us?”       To be continued........or not..............

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Sophie Pollard-Sears 

One day Peppa and George were having dinner, Peppa asked: "Can we go outside and jump in muddy puddles?"

"Ok, but you must wear your raincoats and hats or you'll catch a cold," said Mummy Pig.

"Yuk!" shouted George and just went outside anyway. Later that night George sneezed all over Peppa, "Eeeuurghh!" She cried. At bedtime George coughed, he felt really ill, he had Coronavirus! Mummy pig gave George some milk and he snored so loud Peppa did not sleep that night.

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 Poppy Wilbraham 

One cold night a dark wolf pack laid on a grassy hill, they’re leader Midnight wasn’t feeling well, he felt really ill. He had eaten too many yummy mince pies over the Christmas holidays so he went to see Doctor Wolf, and in the end, he just had a tummy ache. 
On his way home he was followed by a herd of Christmas horses, they were wearing fluffy Santa hats and sparkly Christmas jumpers. Midnight stood there petrified by them, but they turned out to be nice Chrismas horses, and they all had a Christmas party!

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 Eloise T 

One Saturday, Tommy and his family were eating lunch, they were talking about the movie that they are going to that evening. Tommy was really excited. After lunch, his mum said that he could have one chocolate bar, but he took and ate ten. Later he was getting ready to go to the movie when suddenly he felt really ill, sprinting to the bathroom to be sick. His mum came upstairs and went to check on him, found him being sick ‘‘oh Tommy you need to stay in bed because your sick,’’ we can go to the movie another night.

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 Elsie Heard 

The Mystery Illness


There once was a boy who lived on a quiet farm in the countryside. One day, he felt very ill and had a banging headache. When the doctor came, he asked what he had. The doctor replied saying, “You have scarlet fever”.  

The boy questioned, “How did I get it?”

The doctor answered, “Well if you get a bacteria called group A Streptococcus (A strep) The bacteria sometimes makes a poison (toxin), which causes a rash – the “scarlet” of scarlet fever.” The next day, the doctor came again.

 I moaned at the doctor,” When will I be better?”

He answered, "In about two months.”


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Charlie’s mum shouted, "Lunchtime!"

"Coming!" said Charlie.

His mum replied, "Charlie, you’ve been really nice this week, so we’re taking you to your best friend’s house, Bob, to have lunch and he has ordered pizza."

When they were there, Charlie really enjoyed the pizza. Suddenly, he felt really ill.

He asked: “What’s in this pizza dough?”

Bob replied:  “Eggs and flour.”

“What? Eggs? I’m allergic to eggs!” said Charlie.

Charlie rushed home to get his medicine, then he felt much better. Bob apologized.

Charlie said ‘Don’t worry! Next time just get a gluten-free pizza’

‘Sure!’ Bob replied.



Albert Baggaley 

Once upon a tiddly time, there was a funny little boy, his name was Bob Bog. He liked sitting on logs. One sunny Wednesday morning, he was sitting on his log, when a big, scary dog came and barked right in his face. It scared him so much, he felt really ill. He was very sick because I think he was a nervous person.  

The lesson he learnt was not to sit on logs that belong to dogs! Or make sure you have a good breakfast and a strong stomach. The end.