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Maths - Please refer to the White Rose folder on the home learning page. 


Art - Can you draw a magical fairytale castle? There are lots of tutorials on youtube - I liked this one   but have a look around and see which one you would like to follow OR draw your own! 

Growth mindset - In school this week we are going to start learning about having a 'growth mindset', we are going to look at this powerpoint together and talk about how we can change our thoughts from negative e.g. 'I cant do this' to positive e.g. 'I can't do this YET'. This is such an important step towards building confidence, positive attitude and positive mental heath. If your child is in school this week, please do this work and look at the powerpoint after they have covered it in school, you are very welcome to talk to them at home some more about having a positive mental attitude and how they can train themselves to think with a 'growth mindset'.