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English - This week's English, I would like you to make paper dolls. I have recorded the story and put it on the Video Resource Centre for you to listen to beforehand. The little girl goes on a great adventure with her dolls and that's exactly what I would like you to do. I would like you to make your dolls and then play with them. By doing this you are improving your story telling skills, imagination, speaking skills and vocabulary. If you would like to do some writing, why don't you write a factfile on your characters? What is their name? What is their age? What do they like or dislike? Do they have magic powers? Have fun! 

PSHE - A healthy and balanced diet.


Have a look at the powerpoint and simplify it for them talking about the different food groups and what food they see in each group. What are their favourite foods? What group do they belong in? Then watch the link to healthy eating video together to see why we need a balanced meal. Then create a yummy plate of food with foods from each food group.